The darling of the democrat party is making waves and garnering a celebrity-like following for pushing her much-maligned Green New Deal. The media just loves this young freshman diva who loves to push socialism like it’s the answer to all our problems. The real celebrities of the world can’t wait to embrace her either. Ellen couldn’t wait to have her on the show, and Kimmel too. Her ignorance is just as evident as her thin skin is. Just take a moment to read her Twitter feed. It makes Trump seem level headed. It’s ironic that to get her new-found celeb status all she had to do was follow the playbook written by the Trump campaign and his team, even though she seems hell bent on taking them down.  
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The Twist Press is produced using a high-grade polypropylene and BPA-free Tritan to ensure it can last for years, even after it becomes your favorite coffee maker and is used multiple times every day. Finished in contrasting matte and gloss black surfaces, it doesn’t only look great, it’s incredibly easy to use, a dream to clean (unlike those French Presses) and is still lightweight and compact. So don’t settle for great coffee just at home, take it on your travels with you—the built-in coffee storage compartment helps you do just that. 

The Twist Press produces an ultra-clean coffee concentrate with almost zero sediments in the bottom of your mug. Drink straight away for a strong coffee, or dilute with hot water or milk to create a variety of coffee types.

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