Take the stress out of car repairs. Know why your check engine light is on and what the problem is with FIXD! Developed by three Georgia Tech graduates, FIXD plugs in under your car’s steering wheel and sends data about your vehicle directly to your phone via the free FIXD app. FIXD gives you your car’s problems in understandable terms with no confusing mechanical definitions. It’s just the information that you need to know. $59 for one or only $88 for two available at


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Allie Eve Knox @allieeveknox Oct 18
Shoutout to @STRIPLVMAG for taking my all time favorite photos of me! So beautiful.



The electric 2020 Harley Davidson LiveWire will be “the first in a broad, no-clutch ‘twist and go’ portfolio of electric two-wheelers designed to establish the company as the leader in the electrification of the sport. LiveWire will be followed by additional models through 2022 to broaden the portfolio with lighter, smaller and even more accessible product options to inspire new riders with new ways to ride.” Certainly not your typical Harley, this bike is quiet, which might turn off your typical Harley customer, but the company is looking to expand its customer base as this bike will be crazy fast and operate more like a scooter. Pricing will be available in January at


Travel Cable Organizer
This handy and straightforward small tech pouch with a strap is perfect for day-to-day transport of portable chargers, cables, hard drives, SD cards, USB and pens. $19.99, available at


One of the most iconic cameras to ever be produced, this silver and brown SX-70 Instant Film Camera is now refurbished and available from Polaroid Originals. Differing from most instant film cameras, the SX-70 features a folding SLR design that is both compact and functional as well as an aesthetically desirable item in and of itself.

The SX-70 features a 116mm f/8 glass lens with a four element design and manual focus operation via a front geared wheel. An automatic variable shutter speed and aperture system links the f/8 to f/90 aperture range with a shutter speed range of 1/180 sec to more than 5 sec for accurate results. This refurbished model is fitted with a new Film Shield from Polaroid Originals, which ensures consistent and precise developing after each shot by shielding the film from light when it is expelled from the camera. Additionally, as with all classic Polaroid cameras, this SX-70 utilizes batteries from the film packs
to power itself, alleviating the need to carry spare batteries for use. Pairing the classic, tested functionality and retro aesthetic, this refurbished model allows you to capture today’s memories with vintage technology. $399.99, available at



SOCOMS Family Rifle
By Casey Bridges

Fabrique Nationale Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle (or as the rest of us know them, the FN SCAR) came about in 2004 with the answer to the United States Special Operations Command’s (USSOCOM) request for a more integral and ergonomic family of rifles. FN created the SCAR Light (or SCAR 16), chambered in 5.56 x 45mm; the Heavy (or SCAR 17), chambered in the powerful 7.62 x 51mm; and the newest member of the family, the SCAR 20S (or MK 20 Sniper Support Rifle), chambered in 762 x 51mm.

Because of how cumbersome the SCAR’s were to carry, the USSOCOM decided to halt the procurement of the SCAR Light’s and stick with the SCAR Heavy as a battle rifle and sniper rifle for the Special Forces. This didn’t stop other countries from using the rifle, however. Well over 20 other armies have adopted the rifle not only just for Special Forces or counter-terrorism units, but also as the standard battle rifle. Because of how identifiable the rifle is, several movies, video games, TV shows, and comic books have all featured some form of the rifle— most notably in the hit new game, “Fortnite” labeled as a “legendary” weapon.

But if you want to hang out with this family, it’s going to cost you. the SCAR 16 will run you about $3,000 for the standard civilian version and the SCAR 17 civilian version runs about $3,500. The SCAR 20S is a hefty $5,500.00. But that’s the price you pay if you want to easily reach out and touch someone at 800 yards with a highly customizable modular, ambidextrous rifle.

Due to the popularity of the SCAR family, several ranges and gun shops around the country have these bad boys locked up somewhere safe. However, a quick ride across the desert and away from the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip, sleep two perfect full-auto specimens of the SCAR family at Shoot Las Vegas, just waiting for you to try. Come check out these FN rifles that the U.S. Rangers and SEALs love, and that we think are pretty fucking cool. Book your shooting experience at or by calling 702-634-4867.




UFC superstar Conor McGregor has teamed up with high-end men’s clothing designer David August disrupt the traditional menswear space by creating and offering top quality clothing at obtainable prices for the men who have come to appreciate bold, spirited yet sophisticated sartorial style.

Whoop Ass
Embroidered Hooded Sweatshirt
Whoop ass and look good wearing this premium white hooded fleece featuring Conor’s iconic quote in 3d embroidery over an August McGregor screen print. Conor’s favorite for after a workout. Detailed with a double-sided Ireland/USA flag stitched on the hood. $124, available at

The August McGregor Post T-Shirt
“When I say something is going to happen, it’s going to happen,” and indeed it does. This cut in smooth cotton blend jersey has a loose fit and is silk-screened with a custom designed newspaper print headlined with one of McGregor’s iconic quotes. $56, available at

Excellence is an Attitude T-Shirt
This cut in smooth 100% cotton jersey t-shirt has a loose fit and is silk screened with red accent. This premium t-Shirt is as soft as they come. $56, available at

DENIZEN from Levi’s Slim Taper Fit 286 Alexander
DENIZEN from Levi’s Men’s 286 Slim Taper Fit Jeans offer the perfect mix of modern style and all-day comfort. Crafted from premium denim that flexes and moves with you, these Slim Taper jeans fit slim through the seat and thigh and are tapered from knee to ankle. $29.99, available at

Mark Nason
Lite Block Geffen Lace-Up Shoes
These casual lace-up shoes from Mark Nason are really comfortable. The classic, yet modern design will look great with your jeans and button front shirt. $73.99, available at

“We had a 23-year innovation gap that unfortunately persisted for many decades,” Cadillac spokesman Andrew Lipman admits. Now the Detroit luxury brand is ready to speed past competition with the launch of the all-new 2019 Cadillac XT4, a compact crossover billed as the stately Escalade’s younger sibling.

General Motors’ high-end marque has had its share of recent shakeups—lackluster sales despite a campaign to modernize its image, the departure of its president, and a corporate move from New York City back to the Renaissance Center in Detroit. It hasn’t given up. As Cadillac enters the second phase of its 10-year growth strategy, the brand is forging ahead with plans to launch a new model every six months. Specifically targeted toward the affluent, younger customers luxury brands crave, the XT4 utility vehicle is Cadillac’s most important debut so far—and a late arrival to the market’s most competitive and fast-growing segment.

Powered by an all-new, 237-horsepower, 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, the XT4 is ready to challenge segment stalwarts including the BMW X1, Audi Q3, Mercedes-Benz GLA250, and Volvo XC40. Cadillac engineers say tweaks to the XT4’s engine provide power when you need it and efficiency when you don’t.  Pricing starts at $34,795.

MPG Sport Men’s Long Sleeve Henley
A subtle stripe pattern on this collarless, long sleeve creates a casual-cool look that’s easy to wear from the workweek to the weekend. A split hem detail, flattering stitching and a center front placket with a three-button closure add to its downplayed style. Blending the moisture wicking properties with the breathability of cotton, the result is an everyday long sleeve that embodies luxury. $22.99, available at

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